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Another Friday

So, yesterday's fromage theft hasn't been solved, and I live in fear that other members of France's pride export will suffer the same fate.

Gawd. Who steals cheese?

* * *

No major plans for the weekend. My dearest friend Mandy is coming back from Jersey (which is in the Channel Islands) tomorrow, where she went to find major life experiences for herself... or a reasonable facsimile anyway, as she was only there for 8 days.

No idea whether she found them or not, but I'm looking forward to every detail, juice and all.

Frankly, I was afraid she wasn't going to come home. I know how addictive the U.K. can be. I lived in London for 8 months in '98. (Only 40 days until I go back for a visit!!! I'm so excited, I could, like, just, die! Omigod!)

And the best part is that my arse won't take up as much London air space as it did the last time I was there! (Did I say 15 pounds down, yesterday? You can make that 16.4 as of this morning, thank you very much!)

So, yeah, going to swingin' London, baby. Catch up with darling friends of mine who had the temerity to up and get married a mere month or two after I left. Sadly, that meant I missed the amazing opportunity to totally take over their wedding, Italian-mother style.

They've since had a beautiful, little girl named Abbe` who I consider a niece-like child, and can not wait to finally meet.

Then there's my most adorable and charming friend Jude, who's coming from Wales to see me. We have plans to paint the town red together. He's told me that we'll be taking in some major West End theatre, and discussing life over fine meals and finer wine. Sure to be a wonderous experience.

I'm sure there's more that I want to do there, but I'm a girl who (claims to) live on a whim, so it's understandable if no concrete plans have been laid yet.

And that's it for now. Have a smashing day, all.

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