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I won $20.00 today!

I'm part of an office football pool at work. The weekly jackpot is $40.00, and at the end of the 17-week football season, the members of the pool that are in first, second, third and last places take home larger prizes.

This week, there was a tie between another member of the pool and me, so I only took half the pot, but hey, it's twenty more than I had when I got up this morning! And that's not bad for someone who's never actually watched a game! Lord, it's the most beastly boring game to watch, but oh so much fun to bet on!

Now that I think about it, there is a LOT of things that are fun to bet on. (Sidebar: for anyone who hasn't seen Rat Race, run to Blockbuster as fast as you can! John Cleese shows you exactly what I'm talking about! And it's a hell of a laugh!)

So. Betting. I've been to Las Vegas twice... Vegas, baby!... where I lost, oh a good portion of my money! (Not all on one vice, of course! I didn't just gamble it all away! Give me some credit! I drank a lot too!)

The first time, I stuck to the slot machines, because I didn't know a double down from a royal flush. By the time I went again, I had educated myself in the rules of blackjack (which I now knew involved no flushes, royal or otherwise), so I had a grand old time at the minimum-one-dollar tables on Freemont St. Oh yeah, I'm a high roller! Still and all, I left with a dollar more than I started, and a profit is a profit is a profit!

May it be a profitable day for you!

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