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It's a Spacey Kind of Day... 2002-10-29










Right, so today, on a day when I should stay most absolutely on the ground; today when I should devote myself fully to the stacks of silly work on my desk; today when my attention should be focused and undivided... my thoughts have been driven upwards. Really upwards. Like, outer galaxies, unidentified flying objects, otherworldly life out there kind of upwards.

Billy Bob Thornton's character said to the President in Armageddon, "With all due respect sir, it's a big ass sky."

And it is. And I want to believe. But damn if it don't scare me. I mean, did you see Independence Day?! Granted, if aliens came to Earth and they all looked like the hotties from Roswell, well sure, no problem, I'd welcome them and give 'em homes and march along in their parades with them. But frankly, I'm afraid of your everyday insects because they generally have more legs than my cat, so if them other world foreign folk look like that...

Damn Pierce. If he hadn't got me thinking about this stuff, I'd be assured a good night's sleep tonight.

There will be no sleep tonight. In fact, I'm considering boarding up the windows...

I watch too many movies.

* * *

I've changed my template yet again. Thoughts? You know where to find me.

* * *

I bought the Elvis album. You know, the one with the 30 #1 hits, and the bonus track of the re-mixed 'A Little Less Conversation'. Man, that song makes me shake it like nobody's business! Gawd, it's so good! The whole album is a fabulous compilation for those who've always wanted to invest in a little Elvis but end up spending their money on Pulp or Enrique or something...

Have a lovely day, all. Not as spacey and paranoid as mine, of course. And maybe, just maybe, if you're in the mood... you should indulge in a little less conversation yourself...

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