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Happy Halloween! 2002-10-31











So, it's full costume at work today, which I'm loving... but you know me... I'm only loving it because I look fabulous! I'm totally rocking my homage to the 1960's British Mod girl!

My colleague and friend, Angel, came over after work last night, and we spent 2 hours with the contents of my "Tickle Trunk", devising a Spanish Seniorita costume for her. She went home and improved the concept tenfold, and oh my God, she looks gorgeous! Just amazing! Although, those who think inside the box... and there are far too many of them in my firm... think she's some kind of weird gypsy girl... Please. Those precious few of us outside the box know better, and we're happy, masquerading' souls!

* * *

To continue in my vein of shallowness... a sweet guy at work took one look at me today and said, "Wow, you've lost a lot of weight, huh? You look great!" Ooh! Warm fuzzies!

* * *

So, I got an email today from Vanilla, a smashing guy I've not seen in a while. I met him earlier this year, and have seen him only sporadically since then, but he's so interesting that I always welcome the chance to get to know him better. Stylish and hip, he carries himself well, he's successful, intelligent and funny to boot. Plus, he's always doing something totally cool in some exotic locale. Motorcycling through the Alps, surfing off of the Cayman Islands... really, if I didn't enjoy his company so much, I'd hate his guts!

We'll be attending the same party in a couple of weeks, so I'll get the chance to see him again. Looking forward to that. As much as I love my friends, it's always great to bring someone new into the fold, I think. Add some flavour to the mix and all that.

Have a great Halloween everybody, and on this one day of the year when your front foyer is lined with empty calories and sugar... gorge! Eat it all for me, baby, because while food may be love, candy is meaningless sex and everybody needs a tawdry one-night stand once in a while!

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