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Operation Mini-Skirt -31.6 lbs.

Days to England: 2

Mood: pretty chipper, despite the overwhelming feeling of anxiety born of anticipation.

So, your Mare had a fairly busy weekend. Lovely actually, because life was getting rather monotonous, frankly.

At the last minute, I went out for the evening on Friday. I had initially decided to spend it in, but Fieldgray persuaded me to meet him for a drink at Insomnia. I'd heard of the place, but had not yet been. It's pretty brilliant, actually. A tiny little lounge bar downtown, artlessly chic without a hint of pretension. Fieldgray and I whiled away a few hours over beverages and conversation about every thing in the world and nothing at all. I got home about two-ish, satisfied with an evening well spent.

Saturday was consumed with Mandy, in a whirlwind of shopping. Quite a remarkable day, actually. Although we toted home a carload of merchandise, from three different locales, where we dropped a significant amount of cash, there was not one item of apparel purchased! In fact, Mandy and I didn't even try on more than one pair of shoes each. Housewares, my friends! We went nuts about houswares instead! I bought a set of the largest bath towels in the world. Seriously, these things are big enough to cover a small Toronto suburb when it rains! Mandy acquired her first set of pots and pans, which sent us into such paroxysms of excitement; we were forced to call both of our mothers to share the crockery joy.

Pillows and Pyrex, towels and toilet seat covers... I even found myself drooling over a particularly gorgeous set of French White Corningware.

Loving the houseware departments! Besides, this newfound joy also assuages my need to spend money on myself, as buying clothing is out of the question, being in the midst of Operation Mini-Skirt as I am.

Saturday night was spent at a great party. Sleyefox hosted her housewarming, and the whole evening carried with it a fabulous vibe.

There were just enough friends, and just enough strangers to give the party a heady mix of shared laughter and discovered commonalties. Plus, I got to engage in my most favourite of activities - I got to flirt like it was my job! I'm telling you, well placed and obviously harmless flirting is like a healthy dose of organics. It gives you a high for the evening and the trip down is no harder than flashing a smile and saying goodnight.

Ooh, and the Official Stamp of Good Party was given when the fuzz came a'knockin'. How exciting! Yes, yes, I know, but I can't help it! Your sheltered and entirely naive Mare-Ingenii has never been to an event where the boys in blue were called. Silly complaint, though. Really, if the neighbours thought the music was too loud, they could have politely knocked at the door, politely requested that the sound be turned down a notch or two, and Sleyefox would have politely complied.

Regardless, the uniform visit was handled with aplomb and a remarkable lack of drama.

As mentioned in some previous entry,Vanilla was at the party. I had some interesting dialogue with him that leads me to believe that he's a boy of many layers, some perhaps darker than others. Oh, and I finally got to meet Hamlet's girlfriend. What a lovely girl! She's incredibly intelligent and well spoken, very pretty, and has a wicked sense of humour! She'd have to, the way we were knocking Hamlet all night!

It was a really fun, fun time. Interesting side note, however. You know of course, that because of Op.M-S, I'm firmly off the jar. Therefore, both Friday and Saturday nights I was switching between club soda with lime, and regular old snow juice with lime. Weirdly enough, within a couple of hours, I had achieved that light-headed sense of giddiness that usually comes with a couple of glasses of wine. A mystery to be sure, but my theory is this: I think the glassware did it! No, seriously! Much the way that trying-to-quit smokers will hold pencils like cigarettes, the feeling of a stemmed glass in my hand made me feel better about having to abstain, as well as giving me a Pavlovian set of relaxed inhibitions. (All the better to schmooze with!)

A fabulous night, all in all.

Those are the more interesting bits of my weekend. I could tell you how I drove my cousin mad yesterday, because I borrowed a pair of jeans from her that look fairly decent on me but no longer fit her, ... but I won't bother. That would make me look shallow...

Today is Remembrance Day. Please take a moment to think about the boys in the trenches... both our grandfathers and our brothers. Things may have improved in the last half-century, but it's still an angry planet, and we have men and women in bases all over the world, ready to jump into the fray.

For that, ladies and gentlemen of the armed forces, we thank you.

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