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London Nerves 2002-11-12










London Nerves and Such...

This trip has been booked for the last 5 months. I really shouldn't be nervous about it, but this morning I woke up to a veritable attack of the vapours!

I've made one decision that makes me feel better, though. I had initially planned to modify the nazi-diet so that I could continue to stay on the downward-weight spiral. I've since amended that, realising that if I were to walk out of a fine dining establishment in lovely London, having nibbled only at a tiny portion of grilled fish and a plain bed of lettuce and then proceeded to get knocked down by one of those bright red double decker buses... well, that would royally suck. Like, really. I mean, staying on a diet and getting hit by a bus in Toronto doesn't really matter, but hell, if I'm gonna get hit by a bus while I'm on vacation, I better have had a damn fine, calorie-laden meal first!

I haven't packed yet. I leave in less than 30 hours, and I still haven't packed. I've brought out the brand new luggage, I've neatly inventoried and stacked the London wardrobe, I've even made the multiple lists of what's going with me... but I havenít actually packed that damn suitcase(s). See, the thing is, I gloriously over-pack. That's a failing, I know, but I always say, better to have choices and leave them unworn, than to be stuck in the same two pairs of pants for a week. Right? Right?! (Besides, it's not like I'm going to be carrying everything on my back. Tsk. That's what porters are for!)My problem with gloriously over-packing this time is that I have nothing to gloriously over-pack with. My clothes are too big. I've got to be careful with what I bring, lest my trousers fall off my bottom while I'm gazing at Big Ben...

* * *

I got an email from Jude this morning, confirming that he did indeed procure tickets for Chicago, The Musical, and that he's booked a room in the same hotel I'm staying in. Lovely, lovely Jude. I can't wait to see him. He's honestly one of the most humorous human beings on the planet.

God, I'm nervous. I don't know why. Living in London should have cured me of any nerves upon revisiting the place, but...

Enough. I'm going to have a riotous, raucous time, and I'm going to remember this week fondly for the rest of my life. Or, at least, until I top it with something else! Who says my glass isn't half-full?

* * *

Sleyefox came over last night to say thank you for the housewarming gifts and show us the pictures from the party. I'm telling you, some freak of miraculous technology occurred, and she developed a roll of photographs that contained not one bad picture of me! Do you know how rare that is? But it doesn't stop there! Not only were they not bad, that were freaking fantabulous! I mean, the utter gorgeousness that is I was displayed for all and sundry right there, on Kodak paper! Man, I'm hot! Well, that night I was! I don't know... trick of the light, photo gods looking kindly upon me... whatever it is, shine on! Please!

Right. This was a spectacularly boring entry. Thanks for reading to end. I salute you.

Have a lovely Tuesday, all.

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