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The Domestics on Abbey Road 2002-11-24










Dear Domestics on Abbey Road,

My visit to London was wonderful, and I can easily attribute it to your most wonderful way of making me feel like I never left.

Things have changed so much, though.

When I left, you were both just dating, dancing around each other, toying with the idea of a possible life together.

Jamie, so entranced with the music in your head, so intent to put it down on paper and sound, so that part of your heart would be available for all to hear. I remember watching you when you should have been working, knowing that all you could dwell on was the melody that was forming in your head.

Denny, soft and lovely, a pin-up girl for anyone with eyes. That hint of foreign land in your voice charmed all those within earshot, and the dewiness of youth made your eyes sparkle. You indulged your own whims and vanities, and no one could begrudge you when they gave you such obvious joy.

And now...

Both of you, in the grand scheme of things, only minutes older than when I saw you last... but oh, so so different.

Roots. You've planted roots. The one thing I left England for and never got around to doing, you accomplished brilliantly. A lovely little home of your own, instead of bedsitters and shared flats. Respect in your worklife as you've taken advantage of upward mobility, instead of moving onto something that just seems more fun.

And your beautiful, brilliant, laughing daughter. The obvious light of your life, and the prettiest treasure on Earth.

Oh, my darling friends, she's absolutely gorgeous, and to hear her giggle made my heart sing with joy.

Admittedly, I was a little surprised when I laid eyes on you both last week. Perhaps you've lost that dewiness of unfettered youth, and you may look a tad weary at the end of a long day... but oh, you've a life I can't wait to have one day.

The love... the love... the three of you radiated with it, and glances between mother and father and daughter were testaments of devotion.

I am truly envious. But more important, I'm so very happy for you. I'm so very pleased that those whom I adore so much have built a life of what can only be domestic bliss.

Oh, I know that some days are harder than others. Bills to be paid, work to be done, a baby that fusses, and a 24 hour day that seems too short sometimes.

But you make it work, and you do it with grace and warmth.

Thank you for welcoming me into your home and into your hearts.

All my love,


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