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It's entirely possible that my mind is about to apply for landed immigrant status in the gutter.

"At first, I thought I was behaving like a slut. Then I realised I'm just behaving like a man"
I've no idea who said that, and if anyone can identify it for me, I'd adore you forever.

I just sat in on a meeting with the Divas and Piranhas, learning about the ins and outs of a new initiative we're undertaking in the New Year. As much of it was discussed in my own department meeting only yesterday, my mind spent a fair bit of time wandering around the room, covertly gazing at each of the various... specimens... available for... shagging...

No, I'm serious. I was silently, and in great detail, weighting the merits of some the more toothsome consultants, in terms of what they'd be like in a biblical fashion.

Jaysus. I'm such a man sometimes. I've really got to go out and buy some decorum or something.

The things is, I've always resisted getting to know any of these people. They, frankly, scare me a little bit. They work solely on commission, so when the going is good, it's very, very good. But when business has gone down like a preacher's daughter, they get hungry and it shows. You have to have confidence to weather times like that, the kind of confidence that can come off as arrogance, even. It's big, it's blinding, and it can sell you anything you don't want to buy, just so you can get it to go away.

Multiply that kind of bravado by 40, and you'll see what I have to work with every day. My own confidence isn't that paltry, but stick me in a room with them, and I turn into the proverbial and very irritating shrinking violet.

It was kind of a change to be able to see them all gathered together where they had no choice but to shut up and listen to someone else. Watching their faces as they soaked up information from the various powers that be was an interesting exercise in... humanisation. So, of course... that eventually led to... well... noting that a few of them are mighty buff... mighty pretty...

Right. And on that slightly lecherous note, I close this rather tedious entry.

Love to you all.

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