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I literally have nothing about which to write, today.

So, in the spirit of some survey that I wasted time filling in today, I'm going to throw some random facts about myself out there. Catch them if you can. Or if you want to.

- I've got one brother and one sister. My brother 22, profoundly deaf, and very tall. My sister is 25, a special education teacher with 6 deaf students in her class, and has been dating the same boy over five years.
- I'm quite deaf. Roughly 50% in both ears; my loss pretty much blocks out low-talkers, whispered conversations, and high pitch noises like the upper keys of a piano, and most cell phones.
- Most people don't know I can't hear very well. I didn't know until I was 22.
- I'm five feet, four and three quarter inches tall.
- My love line indicates that I'll have two major loves in my life.
- I have no idea whether I've yet met them.
- I have the ability to appear quite intelligent in conversation yet am still able to pass through life with a slightly confused air of cluelessness. I blame that on the deafness.
- I'm Italian.
- I'm 28, but I call my mother Mummy. I spell it Mommy. I also call her Mother.
- I'm the only Italian-Canadian I know who doesn't call their mother Ma.
- I really loved Forrest Gump. It made me cry heartily, especially when I saw it on IMAX.
- I've known my closest friend since I was 15. Her name is Mandy, and we've both changed quite a bit in 13 years. In roughly a year and a half, she'll be 30, and this doesn't bother her one bit. In less than that, I'll be 30, and it bothers me intensely, if only because I feel like I'm running late on my life.
- Most of the time, I'm torn over something.
- I'm quite adaptable. Some call that soft. They would be right.
- I'll always taste something new before pronouncing that I don't like it. I like to take risks with food.
- I love oysters, squid, tartufo, caviar, smoked salmon, cherries, Big Macs, creme brulee`, creme caramel, crunchy red apples, liquorice, nachos and Maynard's Wine Gums.
- My father owns a restaurant with his brother.
- That brother converted to Jehovah's Witness about twenty years ago. It was a scandal for a while.
- Now it's just bothersome when we want to wish him Happy Birthday.
- There aren't too many people that I don't like, but there are many people I'm afraid of.
- There is never a day that goes by where I don't feel some kind of physical longing to see at least one of my many friends around the world.
- I have a lot of family in Italy.
- I also have a lot of family in Canada.
- I tend not to get my way a lot of the time.
- I've found out that as hard as dieting is for me, I think it's harder on the people around me.
- The thinner I get, the better I feel. But not because of what I can see in the mirror. Just because of the compliments.
- I really love being complimented.
- I also love being the centre of attention.
- I can ballroom and Latin dance.
- I broke my leg last year, in two places. I was in several casts for seven months. The first one was full length and hot pink. The second one was full length and bright orange. The third one was up to my knee, but for the life of me, I can't remember what colour it was. The fourth one was a walking cast, which I could remove at night.
- I was not fully immersed in water for about five months because of that bloody leg.
- Taking a shower is one of my joys in life now.
- Sponge baths suck.
- I havenít danced since before I broke my leg.
- I really love the song Forever Young, by Alphaville. I also love Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps by Rosemary Clooney.

This has become rather tedious. I'll stop now.

Enjoy Friends tonight, everybody.

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