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Operation Mini-Skirt: -44.2 lbs.
Mood: Today is my last day of work until the second day of 2003. What do you think?

... yeah... I'm happy... but for a startling discovery I made this morning in the shower... Brace yourselves...

I am now less than a handful! Horrors! Operation Mini-Skirt is working ev-er-y-where

Man, if there was ever one thing I took pride in about my body, it was the renowned and much-appreciated fact that I sported a great pair of breasts. And now... they're... *gasp*... shrinking...*gulp*...

Still, so is my bum, and me arse has needed fixin' for a while now... it's a small price to pay, I guess.

* * *

My Christmas shopping appears to be done. Appears is the operative word, of course, because on the morning of the Eve, I'll take one last look at my list and realise that Auntie Soandso's gift looks kinda pathetic next to Uncle Whosits, and I totally forgot to pick up the thingamajigger that I wanted to put in my sister's stocking, and what was I thinking when I decided to give my friend that thing?

And I'm still stuck on my mother. My brother and I decided to go halvsies on something special for my mother, but for some reason, I don't feel like giving her half of something special is quite enough... so I've got to find a topper to add to it. You know, toppers are a pain in the arse. You don't want to get something stupid, but you don't need to spend a lot either.
Argh! It's the thought that counts, dammit! Why can't I remember that? Why can't anyone remember that?

Right. I'll sort it out. Right now, I just have to get through the rest of this afternoon...

* * *

Did I tell you that I got tickets to see Henry Rollins in February? It's his Spoken Word thing, and my sister and the Conspiracy Theorist have gone to see him lecture several times. They urged me to get tickets this time, so I got in touch with Fieldgray, and asked him to come with me. So that'll be cool. I've always been a little leery of Mr. Rollins, but I'm always willing to experience something new.

Have a fabulous, wonderful day, all!

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