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The Hottie Dress and Other Assorted Bits of Madness 2003-01-03










Operation Mini-Skirt: -42 lbs.
State of mind: Fragile.

I'm pretty much the same weight I was on December 13, which is when the Season of Gluttony began for me. That was the day of the office potluck, if you remember correctly. Since then, I've been up and I've been down, but now, when the holidays are over, I've managed to get myself to square one. Thank God. It could have been a lot worst. I'm back at work, and there's some structure in my life again. The house isn't as full of chocolate and baked goods anymore, and the urge to shovel great handfuls of food into my open maw has diminished. Only slightly, of course, but it has diminished.

Plus, I was still able to fit into the Hottie Dress on New Year's Eve, which is a blessing. I love that dress. Oh God, how do I love that dress. The Hottie Dress of Great Joy and Many Fans. It's as if the God of Velvet and the Goddess of Flirty Hemlines came together to mate and meld, creating between them a dress of such power, such awe-inspiring command and control... for it is not often that one can find in a garment the ability to both cling and flow. A dress that is able to reveal the shadow of cleavage, and yet still allows it's humble wearer to bend forward without flashing. The Hottie Dress, everyone. The Hottie Dress of Greatness and Light. And it's mine. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

* * *

I've looked into therapy, and have summarily dismissed the notion. I enjoy being this daft.

* * *

It's been snowing for about twelve hours now. There's quite a bit of it on the ground... I believe it's calling for 25 centimetres. Just under a foot of the bastard white stuff. To add insult to injury, my parents are, right this very moment, on their way to Panama, where they will reside for the next two weeks, taking care to do nothing more strenuous than rolling over in a beach chair so as to even out the tan.

* * *

I was given a phone number the other night. The action was reciprocated. I don't know whether to actually use the number or not. The fact that it's 2003, I'm 28, and waiting by the phone is simply not an option, is not a convincing enough argument for me to just pick up and dial. Advice would be greatly appreciated.

Right. That's all for now.

Toodle pip.

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