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Tuesday. Lookin' fabulous. Feelin' fine. Hoping this is a good day.

(My Girls seem to have liked the way they were moulded and uplifted in yesterday's foundation garment, and have decided to behave in much the same manner, regardless of the fact that I'm wearing an older model. I'm just going to attribute it to the magic of Operation:Mini-Skirt. I'm also thinking of renaming the attributes in question. What do you think of Ginger and Mary-Anne? No, seriously! What do you think?!)

I'm currently reading Porno by Irvine Welsh. It's the sequel to Trainspotting, and it's fabulous. I highly recommend it. Sick Boy and Renton and Spud and that psycho Begbie... the whole gang from Trainspotting, about 8 or 10 years later. Trainspotting, now THAT was a good film... and book... hell, even the soundtrack rocks. Did you know that Welsh himself had a part in the movie? Remember Mikey Forrester, the guy who gave Renton the opium suppositories? That's Irvine himself. Little piece of trivia for you. I'm always useful for tiny bits of useless knowledge.

* * *

Fieldgray and I are going to go to The Art Gallery of Ontario soon, to see this abstract exhibit. David Urban is the artist. I'm going to wander around, making like I understand what I'm looking at... and I'm really, really going to try very hard not to say, "I just don't GET it!" However, I'm also going to listen to what Fieldgray has to say about it, because he's a rather intelligent fellow, and will surely come up with something pithy yet clever, learned yet unpretentious...

* * *

Right. Enjoy your Tuesday, all. More later.

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