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World Peace, Naughty Intentions, and The Power of That Dress 2003-01-12










The loss of control is still running rampant... as a Loss of Control is wont to do...
Last night, I had pizza. Several slices of it. Today, I had some potatoes that are kind of sitting in my stomach in a rather brick-like manner. I'm going out with Sleyefox tonight, where I'm not supposed to drink, but I'm afraid the urge may overcome me. Especially if I meet someone and need some courage. See, I don't need to drink to have fun. I do, however, need to drink if I'm to be ballsy in any way, shape or form. Which is silly, because I AM ballsy, but only when it doesn't count, doesn't matter, isn't worth the strength of the balls in question...

* * *

Right. So, for those of you who are new because you clicked on one of my lovely new banners, please welcome. Anything that contributes to the prettiness of my page including the banners - is the work of moviegrrl who has been slaving away for me this week and has made me the happiest girl from here to across the street. Isn't she cool? And so talented, too!

* * *

As mentioned, I'm going dancing tonight with Sleyefox. I have no idea what I'm to wear, and it's a slight worry. The last time we graced Bohemian, I donned the Hottie Dress of Greatness and Light. One can not just triumph over that most smashing of public appearance merely with a sleek pair of dresspants and a fitted top... no matter how fitted! Doesn't really matter, when it comes right down to it. That was New Year's Eve, and this is just an average Saturday night. And besides, Bohemian is the type of place where you can wear anything you darn well please, and you'll still look fabulous, which I intend to do. I also intend to pick up, which won't happen, because the things one intends to happen never actually do. One only gets lucky when one isn't planning it. And when one is wearing a Hottie Dress of Greatness and Light. That's the rule, my friend. One day, I'd like to prove it wrong. One day, I'd also like to achieve world peace. I'm taking bets... what do you think will happen first? Frankly, I know where my money's going... my mamma didn't raise no fool...

*sigh* At least Ill get to dance tonight. Shaking my ass always makes me feel better.

I have plans tomorrow to go to dinner with Mandy, her cousin from Winnipeg, and DQ. I think were going for Thai, which is lovely, because Ive not yet had the opportunity to try it. Hopefully, there will be something on the menu that will fit in with the diet that Im not keeping to. After, Ive got tentative plans to visit with Fieldgray, which is a fantastic prospect as hes always a joy. The boy has got the worlds driest sense of humour. Its rather befuddling, actually.

And now Im off. Ive got some prettifing to do I dont look this fabulous without some effort, you know

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