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Oh. My. God.

So, ok, here it is. The whole sordid tale... more or less...

It's Sunday, noonish as I write this. I went out with Sleyefox last night... and got home about an hour ago. Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

We went to Bohemian, the site of all my New Year's Eve debauchery. I wore my black pants that look good on me because I no longer have an arse on which one can rest a beer bottle, and a new wine-coloured crossover top that provides the general public with a clear cut definition of the word cleavage. Added to that was the fact that I wore my Ginger-from-Gilligan's-Island brassiere, so the Girls were looking pretty happening last night.

In the spirit of reckless responsibility, I continued with my lack of control and decided that the imbibing of spirits would be a priority for the evening. (God knows, I know my priorities... and I stick to them when I have to, too!) So, we're drinking, we're laughing, we're dancing... and then we're chatting up four guys... hey... 2 of us, 4 of them... our motto - always leave room for a spare!

Many hours later, the two of us and two of them ended up back at Sleyefox's place, where we just chilled out. No, really. That's all we did... more or less... we just hung out... more or less... listened to music... cracked a few jokes... more or less....

I'm telling you... it's a whole new world out there! Who knew being thin could be this much fun?

Except... it wasn't... one of the boys - Rob - nice guy but.... eh... driftwood. Boring. Unskilled in certain social graces that I deem necessary before I allow one to come too close...

And that's all I'm going to say.

God. I need to get some sleep.

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