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Monday Lovin' 2003-01-20










Operation Mini-skirt: -42.4 lbs.
Mental State: Fragile, due to slowly regained health; also beastly cold outside, which plays havoc with my morale and such...

You'll notice I gained a few pounds since the last Op:M-S status report. We're not ready to talk about it yet.

* * *

I'm in love. Crazy in love. Like Cher and Nicholas in Moonstruck. Like Claire and Leo in Romeo and Juliet, only hopefully I get to keep breathing at the end. Like Meg and Tom in Sleepless in Seattle. And You've Got Mail. And Joe vs. The Volcano. And... was there another one? There must have been another one...
Anyway, it's love. True blue and all that jazz. Isn't that the worst? But no, it gets even uglier. I'm in love with two separate but equally lovely beings. Without even trying, William Tells has captured my tarty little heart with his wily ways because, frankly, he's smart enough to know that flattery will get him everywhere. Charm and intelligence are a lethal pair, wouldn't you say? Oh his honeyed words have made their mark...

But oh, my ever-expanding addiction to moment's-notice love with the unreachable male has gone even further. It struck me on a Wednesday evening, as most true love is wont to do. There I was, preparing my mind for the onslaught of language hurled at me on a weekly basis from The West Wing, when all of a sudden... the credits roll. And oh... there he was... the guy that has taken over the Rob Lowe part... the new P.O.T.U.S. speechwriter... I'd seen him before but... is it the official addition to the credits that's done it for me? Joshua Malina may look suspiciously like an owl, but for some reason, he got me in the heart-getting place and now I'm all about his big glasses and his worthy West Wing witticisms and the fact that he has such a nice face! So maybe it's not Josh himself that I'm adoring... maybe it's just his really nice face. Not enough guys have nice faces anymore, you know? Like, Jimmy Stewart, or... what's his name... Wally, on Leave it to Beaver! A face that says I'm not Brad Pitt or Jude Law, and THAT'S OK! because you're absolutely precious to me and I'm going to adore you forever and ever but I'm cute enough that I could have anyone so it's obvious that you're not settling because you're afraid of dying alone so really it's clear that this love we share is truly pure and wonderful and nothing that could prompt your mother to question it...

I should, perhaps, seek out therapy, should I not?

* * *

I finally got my Christmas party and New Year's Eve pictures developed. I'm so happy. It's not just a drunken piece of legend that I built up to such great proportions in my mind. I really DID look that good.

* * *

Monday. The beginning of a new week, and I'm already a couple of days behind. I'll recover from being sick long before I recover from being sick and off from work.

May you have a most lovely day, my beauties. Fall in love today if you can, even if it's for all the wrong reasons. Do it just for an hour. The burst of seratonin will be good for you.

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