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Somehow or other... and I don't know how it happened... but I got invited to another Piranha event for this evening.

This is how it happened. One of the junior Piranhas - Radley - comes into my department one day last week to consult with one of my colleagues. On her way out, she passes by my desk and asks, "Are you coming to Cueball's thing?"

(Radley, by the way, was at His Highness Master Piranha's karaoke party a few months ago - the one where I thought I was invited because I was going to be the entree`, but instead had a smashing time. Maybe she decided I was fun, and wants to spread the word. I don't know. It's all a mystery. Anyway...)

I stare at her blankly. "I'm... er... thing? What thing? Cueball? Er... no?"

"There was an email. You should have received it. I thought I saw your name on the email. Didn't you get the email?"

I just shook my head, smilingly shrugging it off as if it's not important to me. Truth be told, it really isn't, but diplomacy was important, as Radley had quite clearly stuck her foot in it. I obviously was not meant to be invited to this thing, and she mistakenly thought I was. So after muttering something about forwarding me the email, she walked away.

I smiled to myself in amusement, as I knew that there would be no email, she wouldn't mention it again, and I definitely wouldn't either. Why invite myself somewhere that I'm not invited, when I don't really want to go, right? This way, it gives her the chance to hope I just forget she said anything, and no one gets hurt.

Except. Except for one thing. She neglected to send the email, but she brought it up! A few hours later, passing by me in a corridor, she said, "Oof! Have to send you that email!"

Now I'm confused. Am I invited, or not? If she stuck her foot in it, why bring it up again? What the hell?!

Days go by, and I still don't get the email. I chalk it up to her REALLY speaking out of turn by mentioning it again, and leave it alone. But then, on Tuesday, she brings it up AGAIN! So this time, I say, "Where's the email?" I mean, I'm really not understanding this at all. Am I meant to be there, or not? Will I be welcome if I show up, or will there be awkwardness? Will the looks of shock and horror be hidden, or will they light torches and run screaming, filled with a mob mentality to chase my evil being out?

Finally... finally, yesterday she forwarded the invitation. It's a surprise, at a bar/pool hall in my surrounding neighbourhood. Cueball and his associate Piranhas and Divas all happen to be a nice group. I can usually swim amongst them and not get any of my extremities bitten off. So I called Sleyefox and asked if she wanted to go. I'm thinking I may want to set her up with one of them - Sly's a bit of a piranha herself, when she wants to be. If he bites, she'd bite right back, so I have no worry for her safety.

So, it's agreed. Sleyefox and I have dinner plans for the same time the shindig starts, but after, we'll wander in for a drink. I'll wish the Cueball a smashing birthday, we'll enjoy a beverage (club soda for me, alas) and if he's there and takes her fancy, I'll steer the Piranha in her direction.

It'll be all casual, and unless a cuestick goes flying, no one should get hurt.
Right? Right?

God. I hope I don't regret this.

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