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Friday frivolity 2003-01-31










Operation Mini-Skirt Status: -49 lbs.
Mental State: Pretty damn good, actually. I've lost more weight this week than I have this month! Back on track, baby. I'm back on track!

So, I went to the Piranha event yesterday. Killed a few hours with the best of the lot, and it was actually a great time. I suppose I needn't have been nervous, but anything involving the consultants in a social event always makes little beads of sweat pop up in unattractive places. Still, lovely to be invited, even if it was possibly a foot-in-mouth situation.

* * *

I've been getting a lot of compliments of late on my page design. It is lovely, isn't it? Alas, the only credit I can take is for loving Jack Vettriano, the artist. He's a Scottish artist whose work never fails to touch a nerve with me. I've no idea whether he's considered a "serious artist" in the art world. Probably not. My taste tends to run toward the commercial, after all.
Anyway, aside from loving Vettriano, I've naught to do with the actual putting together of the page. I owe it all to moviegrrl. Brilliant, isn't she? She's managed to capture the exact feel of me, you know? Not only that, but she designed some BRILLIANT banners that have driven my readership up. For those of you who've stumbled upon me by way of the banners, I welcome you. And now I've got to ask... aren't they awesome? I mean, some of those banners really got a key to who I am! And they're so pretty! So, moviegrrl, I thank you, and I salute you. Check her out, my lovelies. Totally worth it.

* * *

I'm going to see Henry Rollins tomorrow night. My sister, her boyfriend, his brother, Fieldgray, and I will go grab a drink at some little Irish pub before the show, and then walk over to Convocation Hall, which is where Rollins is speaking. I'm quite looking forward to it.

* * *

Today is my father's 55th birthday. Jaysus. My father is 55! I teased him this morning by saying that it's only 10 years to retirement... but then I stopped because I remembered how old I'll be when he's retiring. Ew. Ew ew ew.

* * *

So... Friday. The start of another weekend. Over the next couple of days, I've got several things planned. Correspondence to catch up on, planning for the reunion, some housework. I also intend to lose more weight, have lots of fun, and fall in love. Or get some, at the very least...
Have yourself a good weekend, all. Do something frivolous that will make you happy.

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