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I don't think I've ever put so much store into a haircut.

No, I mean... well... y'all know how much I adore sitting in a salon and having someone play with my head. You know how I love the excitement leading up to it, the cause for celebration when I come out with a fantastic new coif; with smashing new colour... the whole!new!you! adrenaline high is totally to die for.

But I work at home now. I work at home, and I'm so busy setting up this new business that I rarely go out. Barring the two weeks in England when I still had great hair, I haven't truly socialized with anyone outside the extended family since... God! Since the holidays! And there are people all over the world who are getting mighty ticked at me because I've not answered an email or returned a call in a law-ong time.

The result, poppets? It's now nine weeks since my last haircut. Nine WEEKS! This is at least three weeks overdue, and just totally unacceptable. I have let myself go. It's truly, truly abysmal.

So, this Saturday? Victor and I are going to have some alone time in The Chair. He's going to gasp, I'm going to blush. He's going to chastise and flick at my horrible ends, and I'm going to hang my head in shame. He will sniff at my roots, and I will avoid his eyes in the mirror. Oh poppets! May he have mercy on the soul of style!

And then? And then? Oh Lordy, but this is exciting! See, I'm still too busy to socialise, my beauties. I'm still toiling away for more hours than I should, and frankly, I'm even happy to do it! Playing a grown-up is fun sometimes! But no. No, no. Check this out... I'll pay too much for my hair, right? Then I'll go home and work too many hours to let anyone appreciate the value of the coif. Another six weeks will most likely go by before anyone sees me again, and by then, it'll be time to pay Victor another visit. So what's it all for, then? Tell me, what is it all for?

Simple, poppets. Simple, and oh, so exciting!

It's for me! For the first time, my over-priced visit to the salon has nothing to do with how I'll look for others. Nothing! Nothing at all! (Ok, maybe something. But it's a small something.)

I have to tell you, my lovelies... I may have said before that I was doing something totally for myself. And I may even have believed it. But now? Now I know differently. Oh, yeah. Thereís only 24 hours in a day; Iím asleep for six of them, and I wander around in a confused state of busy-ness for the remainder. Trust me on this one.

This time, it's all for me.

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