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Poppets, this is fun! I feel like the belle of the ball - which, is of course, my main reason for living. Let's not lose sight of things here. But oh! How I love a full inbox in the morning! Emails and emails and emails a'plenty! (It takes so very, very little to please me.)

So. The rules. Right, then. It's a pretty easy game, my beauties. You weigh yourself, and then let me know. "Hey Mare! I weighed myself! I'm in the game. Start saving your loonies, because you're gonna need them when I lose my first pound!"

See how easy it is? I did it this morning, and after I recovered from the case of the vapours that the number on the screen gave me, and after I unlocked the door and drew back the curtains, and after I wiped away my tears and decided not to go swimming in a tub of full-fat pudding in order to drown my sorrows...

Right. Game on!

1. First of all, like I said, weigh yourself. (Did that. Hence near death by pudding.)
2. Email me, sign my guestbook, or leave me a note telling me that you've recorded your weight, and you're in the game. A lot of you have done that, but if you haven't, you can join any time. You don't have to tell me how much you weigh - God knows, I can barely face my own numbers, much less paint them across this page. Just as long as we're all honest, we'll go with that. Easy peasy.
3. Every time you lose a pound, let me know, and I'll change the fund amount. I'll do the same when I lose. 4. I'm really excited about this, because while I've given to the Food Bank at Christmas and Thanksgiving and such, I've never done it just because. My birthday, which is when the game ends, is as good a reason as any.

Look, I know I can shape up on my own. I know I can shop for clothes at any time. And I know I can give to charity at any time. All this? Just makes it fun. Plus, I can't very well fall off the weight watching now, can I? Not after all this public grand standing.

So, off you go then. Let's see who loses the first pound first!

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