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While I don't really have the mouth of a sailor, I have been known to spout from a potty mouth here and there in moments of extreme ire. For no specific reason other that your usual dirty-birdie words don't work well with the endearments that I love so much, I've refrained from cussing on this piece of real estate. It wasn't a conscious decision; I guess I just didn't feel like it around here.

I am so angry right now, poppets. I'm so very full of irritation at the universe and... and... and... I want to fill the page with asterisks and that little 'and' sign over the seven, and maybe some number signs for good measure. I want to yell and punch walls and swear my bottom off.

Listen. There are people who have it worst off than I do. My own brother, even. I shouldn't complain, but I will anyway, because dammit, I was really excited about this!

Live show! Now with hearing aids! I mean, if that's not a reason to jump for lame-o joy, then I don't know what is.

I saw Henry Rollins last night. Saw is the operative word there, because while I was sitting only 4 rows from the front, close enough to admire the absolute perfection of his stomach and marvel at how gray he's gone in 14 months, and while I was wearing the hearing aids that have the approximate value of one of my kidneys, I only picked up, collectively, about 10 minutes of a three hour and fifteen minute talk.

Anger. Bone searing, blood letting, soul destroying anger.

See, I could hear the entire thing, but my hearing loss is such that clarity is what I miss out on. My brain hurt within fifteen minutes, because I was totally focused on taking in and understanding every word the man maniacally shot out at us. Impossible! Imbloodypossible. They don't work! My ears don't bloody work! Even with the bloody hearing aids! Jaysus God! I didn't understand a thing Rollins was talking about. I caught words, and even whole sentences, but by the time my brain translated the distorted version that my ears delivered, he was already three subjects on. Jaysus bloody God Almighty and CHRIST!

So angry. What a time to not be eating chocolate.

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