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Points for trying. 2004-05-12










Mare's Flirty Hemline Fund: $30.00
Daily Bread Food Bank Fund: $59.00

Kudos to Senor Handsome for dropping a score on the sly, and then letting me add it to The Fund. Well done, darling. And while I'm a little put out about my own insanely slow weight loss, I'm still within the DubDub average-per-week. Ah well, another couple of pounds, and maybe I can get a nice bra on sale or something.

* * *

OR, maybe I can purchase something to wear in Iowa! And Washington D.C.! Where I will be going because not only am I registered for JCon now, I've also got my flights booked, my insurance bought, and my hotel room reserved. And? And? I'm staying over until the Monday, so yay! Extra time! Fun fun fun! Twenty-four extra hours of quite probable inappropriate behaviour that I so totally wasn't joking about! Whee!

* * *

The weather has quite suddenly gone from dank and miserable to dazzling and wonderful. I believe it came with my relatives from Italy. The sun rises and falls on them, if only because they live far away and so their grass must be greener.

A month ago, a cousin of my father's called from Italy to tell us he'd be descending on us for a week. He arrived Sunday night, and surprise surprise, along came my aunt as well. It's lovely really, because my father and uncles rarely get to see their sister, and now my house is teeming with all sorts of happy activity and visitors both foreign and domestic.

And insults. My house is teeming with insults. It's funny, you see, when Mare tries to speak Italian. It's funny when she tries to join an interesting conversation which she understands perfectly, and then chimes in with a badly executed opinion. Because, it doesn't matter how complex your thinking may be - if you speak only in the infinitive, you sound like you’ve just fallen off a truck. It sounds like you've fallen off a truck and landed on your head, which has resulted in a very bad brain injury that makes your family laugh at you when you speak their native tongue.

I'm funny like that, see. Ah, well. At least I get points for trying. Not that I need points or anything. Not like I count points, or try to measure up against my sister in my family's eyes. It's nothing like that. Nuh uh. Just because she's always up first to serve cake doesn't mean anything. I'm right up there, infinitive and all. Yup.

It was a particularly bad fall.

* * *

More soon, poppets. I've got a treadmill to attack. And by attack, I don't mean with a baseball bat because I still hate it and can't stand that it has me whupped.

I mean with a tire iron.

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