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Clutter Be Gone. 2004-06-29










Something has come over me.

I've a need to rip out the whole of all closets and start anew. I want to dump dresser drawers, and create Keep and Charity piles. I want to wash out my fridge. I want to cart big empty containers everywhere around the house, just so I can toss something easily if the urge comes upon me. I want to show no mercy upon knick knacks. I want to purify, to simplify. I want to cleanse.

The most obvious answer is that I'm currently working on five stubborn pounds, and the fact that they're not leaving is driving me mad, thereby starting an insane campaign for control in my head. The less obvious answer is that most of my family has gone to Italy for a couple of weeks, and the Italian Housekeeper that lives as deeply inside me as I can bury her has surfaced, and is rubbing her hands in glee at being able to make whatever executive decisions she wants.

I want to devote whole days to windows and hidden corners - even the business days, when I'm supposed to be in company running mode. Why devote myself to chasing receivables when I can chase errant dust bunnies instead? Why organize my inventory, and make sales calls, when I can steam clean all the area rugs instead?

Forget the five pounds. Maybe the real obvious answer is that I want a day off from the office and all the worries that go along with it. Granted, its good stress, in that itís my own and not someone else's. God knows, working for The Man means having stress that isn't yours and therefore never-ending, so I'll take this kind over that kind any day of the week. But... but...

Nah. It's the five pounds. Gotta be.

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