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God help me. Is it normal to wake up with a headache every day? Is it? Because I am totally getting tired of this. Lately, if I don't down a couple of Advil by mid-morning, noon looks kind of disastrous.

Poppets, I know very well that a couple of weeks of headaches don't amount to much when compared to the trials of more than a handful of people I can name, but gosh darn it, I'm tired of this! You can Riverdance on my shoulders, and make the same amount of noise, because that's how hard they are!

* * *

And now, for the whinging hour...

* * *

Is it possible that in the last 3 months, the only thing that has elicited any kind of lovey-type feeling from me is a particularly beautiful pair of shoes? And even they pinched my toes and made me limp! What does that say, people? What does that say?

* * *

I've got a couple of maggots in my head. Firstly, I've not been on a stage in forever and a day. That's the first one. I think that a return to community theatre may be a good idea for me. Down time should not consist of television and collapsing in bed at night. Right? Besides, I had movie star dreams once upon a time...

Also, I'm fairly certain that there are other people in Toronto who take pleasure in writing in a little white box and posting it online so that hopefully, strangers will look inside their life every day, and maybe fall in love a little bit. It can't just be me. Right? I can't be the only one in Toronto who uses this entirely convenient, passive/aggressive manner in which to scream, "Look at me and tell me I'm gorgeous!"

I really should find out if anyone else out there is trying to Talk Hard.

* * *

Speaking of which... what the hell every happened to Christian Slater? I should find out. He is on my List, after all.


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