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I Am Going On A... Summer Holiday... 2004-08-12










You know what makes me sad? This makes me sad. Come back, Robin! Come back!

* * *

In other news, because of a complete inability to make a decision, I've decided to take the entire contents of my wardrobe on my holiday. I like to have choice, you understand. A contingency plan is a good thing to have. And it's not like I'm bringing my winter stuff! I'm being entirely reasonable! I mean, hello! Including the pair I'll be wearing on the plane, I'm only bringing five pairs of shoes. Five! For eleven days! I know! How proud of me are you?

* * *

I have it on the best authority (my own) that this gorgeous girl right here is the absolute expert in a pinch for a party. The girl can rock an atmosphere like nobody's business. Also? If the urge to make out with a stranger in a bathroom overcomes you, this senorita is the girl to giggle with you about it later on. And if you're ever in the mood to hang out with a rockstar...

JournalCon, poppets. I'll be there in a week! Are you going? There's a rumour running that the coolest of the cool is going, and frankly, that makes me want to scream, and maybe toss my bra around a little.

* * *

So, in a little less than 24 hours, I'll be Iowa-bound, for what looks like a very reasonable facsimile of last year's BEER reunion, only this time, with corn and pigs and butter cows. Can you imagine? It'll be marvelous!

Kisses, poppets. Many, many kisses. Especially to any particularly friendly farm boys at the State Fair...

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