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Right. So. This is the first time I've done this, but there's a first time for everything and this entry is not sober.

Which is a hell of a coincidence, because neither am I. I mean... I'm not... in my CUPS or anything! I'm not, like, STAGGERY and SLOSHED! I'm just not SOBER!

But my typing is. I may walk on eggshells until I fall down, but my typing is error-free, baby.

I went to a party tonight. Tonight, with Sly, who I won't link because I'm lazy that way, tonight with Sleyefox, I went to a party.

I do well at parties; we do well at parties. We've said it before, and I'll say it again. Sleye and I - we're good party guests. We mingle! We chat! We introduce ourselves and introduce others to each other and then we chat some more and we dance and open wine bottles and chat and dance and look good and and and.

Also, we don't live in each other's pockets. Hell, she knew the host and I'd met the host once before but aside from that - strangers in a strange land, baby! I don't know these people! But that's ok! Chat! Mingle! Go to the bathroom by myself! (Hey! I'm a girl! That's almost unheard of! See? Another reason to date me! I can go to the bathroom by myself at a party!) Meet up with the Sleye every half hour or so, and then carry on!

I'm telling you: even WITH my broken ears (which, oh my God, makes mingling hard) you still want me at your party.

And here's the best part! I met a guy! And he's Italian! And a lawyer! And totally cute! And we spoke for forty-five minutes! And then I left and he didn't ask for my number! Because isn't that just the way things go! But that's ok! Because I'm too good for him!

Shut up, I totally am.

Party was fun, though. Good wine.

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