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You are never going to believe this. Obviously, there are forces at work here. Dark and powerful forces that for some reason, seem to have it in for me, and him, and maybe his car, or the eating of Japanese food.

You know, I'm just a simple girl. I don't want much. A nice dinner, some lovely conversation. Maybe a walk in the moonlight and a simple good night dance of rumpy-pumpy.

So the first date was postponed, right? He had vehicular troubles on Thursday, which meant that a rescheduling had to happen. And that's fiiiine. I am Totally OK With That. I mean, that's not a bad omen, right?

Except... except... then the restaurant called me today. Regardless of the fact that I made reservations, they decided to call and say, "Solly. Crose on Sunday." (Sidebar: Is it politically incorrect and offensive if I include the gentleman's accent for cultural flavour? It isn't, is it? Because, seriously, I include it only because it's the one thing that kept me from swearing on the phone. I could have listened to that guy talk all day long.)
"But... but... I made reservations..."
"Solly. We crose elly firs Sunday of the month. Mistake. Solly."
"But... but... but I demand that you stay open! You don't understand! His car already broke down! And I have wanted to eat here forever! And he can SPELL! Do you know how rare it is to meet someone who can spell? And... and... and I made reservations!"
"Solly. Maybe ness week, yes?"

Sigh. Ok, so that's not exactly the way it went, but only because my mother did, in fact, raise me with manners. But he did have the most charming accent that completely tickled me into not hanging up and shaking my fist at the Forces of Unfortunate Coincidences.

Unfortunate coincidence. That's all it is. Just because plans have gone awry twice now doesn't mean a thing. I mean, we're still going out, right? Itisnotabadomen. Itisnotabadomen. Itisnotabadomen. Itmightevenbeagoodomen.

It's just a slight wrinkle.

Right now, I'm only going on the words of a very bright girl who said it best: "Bad rehearsal, good show."

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