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It's two days until Christmas, treacle tarts, (Mmm. Treacle tarts...) and I am very, very pleased with myself.

My gifts are purchased and wrapped, and placed lovingly under the tree; my stocking stuffers have only to be stuffed, and it seems that every Christmas card I sent out weeks ago has been received.

I'm actually pretty pleased (read: self-righteous, slightly pompous, kinda preachy, frankly) about the Christmas cards this year poppets, because instead of buying them at Hallmark, I contributed to organizations like this one and that one and this one here. They, in thanks, sent me a whole lot of lovely holiday cards, which I mailed pretty much around the world. And hopefully, someone will look at the back of these cards, and be inspired to make their own donations. Because, guys? It's Christmas. Give.

If you don't want to give to them, then go to the grocery store, or raid your pantry, and put all the booty in a box and drop it off at your local fire station, because they usually have a food drop-off point. If you can spare it, and can do an extra shop, imagine a family of five and get the makings of a couple of days worth of meals for them. Put smiles on their faces, and it'll put a smile on yours.

Also, hello. Fire station. Firemen. Firemen helping you unload groceries from your car, their muscles rippling under their shirts, their eyes twinkling as they flash you a smile and maybe offer to let you slide down their pole...

See? It's Christmas. The getting is in the giving.

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