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And because I promised, here are the answers, for better or for worse, but honest just the same, of the questions posed to me for the meme...

To open our performance today, we have from the ever-popular Lisa-Marie:

1. As a child did you treat your toys well, or did you tend to break them? I generally kept things in one piece for quite a while, but then, through my own clumsiness or something, something would always happen. Other kids fall, and they scrape their knees; I'd fall, and the head of the doll I was holding would pop right off. Since I've been high-strung since the day I was born, the rolling head did not bode well for my composure.

2. What is your first childhood memory? I have a vague memory of my grandparents wanting to take me and my under-a-year old sister into the backyard, and I recall being convinced that this was a bad idea. And then, when Nonna picked up Teacher in her arms and went outside, I screamed blue murder until Nonno was able to calm me down. To this day, I have no idea what I was thinking.

3. Which do you prefer: tea or coffee? Good Lord, coffee. Intravenously, on some days.

For our next act, ladies and gentlemen, we have our Snow Bunny of Hotness, Minarae, who presented me with these three questions:

1. If I came to your house for dinner, what would you cook for me? If you came to my house for dinner... if you came to my house for dinner... oh, I know! Ok, here we go... We'd start out with one of my favourite things in the world - grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers, and goat cheese on a bed of romaine and radicchio. Then, because for the duration of that meal, we are princesses and can have the deadliest meal in the world without all the fat and calories actually sticking to us, (I'll get a special dispensation from the Pope. And Weight Watchers) we will have a Very Large, Very Rich Serving of tortellini in a creamy rose` sauce that leaves us moaning and forgetting to wipe our mouths. After that... veal, maybe? Yeah, medallions of veal in a light tomato sauce with grilled vegetables. And then, for dessert, I'll pull out my phantasmagorical tiramisu, and we'll call it a day. Oh, and then, later on, 8 lovely men wearing nothing but their Calvins would parade in, feed us velvety red cherries, and dance for us.

2. If your house was on fire and you could save just one pair of your fabulous shoes, which ones would you save? Ok, I admit, I love a lot of my shoes with shameless abandon, often choosing to stare at my feet when in company, not because I'm shy and can't think of a thing to say, but rather because I just adore my footwear that much. (Yes, I know. Therapy. I know.) Anyway, I'm currently loving a pair of simple black pointy-toed shoes with a diagonal strap across the top of the foot, and a two-and-a-half-inch slim heel. You’ve seen them! I love them because they go under every piece of clothing in the universe, and if I ever had to be in the ghastly position of only being able to pack one pair of shoes for a trip (horrors!), these would work. They've already made numerous appearances at Con-type trips, and I love them beyond reason. In second place, I'd grab my little red shoes; they’re a cross between a trainer and a ballerina slipper. Cuter than you could possibly imagine, and I bought them in England, so they carry good, healthy Covent Garden memories.

3. What color should I dye my hair next (keeping in mind that will probably be the color it will be for the wedding)? I don't know, Min, you're really stylin' the strawberry that you're wearing now. I'd stick with that, because it's beautiful on you. Your skin glows of youth, your eyes shine... yeah, stick with that red. For the wedding, you could pretty it up with some gold highlights a bit, but make the strawberry the predominant colour.

In a guest appearance from the real world, ladies and germs, we have Diane, a lurker, and for the first time, a guest-booker.

1. Who is that fine looking woman that does all your accounting work? That is you, darling. You, who chase my receivables better than any Mafioso bulldog ever could, and still manage look ever so purty every day.

2. What food do you order the most for take out? You know, take-out was always foreign matter in this house, a once a year affair that always got eaten quickly and never mentioned again. Then you come work for me, and it's Swiss Chalet every Friday for lunch. And thank God for that!

3. Should I go to Florida for a week or a cruise? What, are you crazy? Go on the cruise! Tsk.

And now, for our headliner, we bring in the handsome and talented Petrouchka. Why is he talented, you ask? You should see his fiancée!

1. How do you like Toronto as a place to live? How does it stack up compared to other big cities you've been to? You know, I haven't actually been to that many big cities, though I do have a handful of smaller ones under my belt. I know I prefer it to the smaller cities I've visited, because there is more flavour, it's more cosmopolitan, it's easier to hail a cab! Certain foods, or entertainment venues and ideas are taken for granted here, but I go to smaller cities, and they're a big deal. I like that we have Little Italy, (a few of those, actually) and Chinatown, and Little Greece, and a whole area that highlights the West Indies. I like that we cling to our European roots a little more than the average American city. Also, while our horizon is much higher and we don't have much sky in the city core, it's busy and bustling and gives a good energetic vibe. On the other hand however, Montreal is much more chic and far less prissy, which I enjoy. However, their winters are harsher than ours, so I reserve that particular city for summer weekends only. And then there is London, my only other really fair comparison, because I lived there. London is... London is wonderful. It's far more stylish, and just as cosmopolitan, if not more so. You can eat, drink, and shop well, and the city is gorgeous, because of course, most of the architecture is older than God. However, the traffic is ridiculous at nine in the morning and nine at night. It's even ridiculous at noon on a Tuesday. The pollution level is such that you start sneezing black. I don't know if I'd ever live there again, but visits are always superb.

2. Name/Describe the most unintentionally funny scene you've ever seen in a movie. You've seen the Weetacon movie? That bit where Chauffi is bopping his head around is pretty priceless. (Hi Chauffi!)

3. What is your favorite chinese food dish? The fortune cookie.

Kisses, all!

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