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St. Jude and the Boobies. 2005-04-07










Spring has sprung, April showers bring May flowers, and I'm totally going to marry Jude Law.

Do you have any doubt? Check this out. Obviously, Jude is weary of little Miss Miller's partying ways, and needs a more mature, level-headed woman to settle down with. Jude, I understand, my darling. I understand. And as soon as you lift this restraining order, I'll make you the happiest man on Earth.

* * *

Do you love your Girls? Do you wish they were bigger or smaller? Do you wish they didn't pay attention to gravity so much, and instead stood up proudly, pointing north at all times? And do you do them due diligence by feeling yourself up every month? Honestly, poppets, do it in the shower, do it lying down, but just do it. Take care of your Girls. Pray that they stay healthy, and support all research efforts to do that.

My gorgeous friend Minarae is going on a three-day walk to help raise money to save the boobies, and I think it would be wonderful if you gorgeous darlings threw some support her way, because my God, you guys, these are boobs we're talking about here! Our boobs, and our health, and the health of women everywhere, and my God, Min is going to be walking for three whole days! In a row! I know! I usually congratulate myself for walking three whole minutes in a row! So, do it, huh? Give a little. It'll make you feel so good, I promise.

* * *

Have a lovely day, poppets. Go dance in the sunshine. And if it's raining, go outside and dance anyway. It'll be good for you.

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