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Grappling 2006-07-03










We are coming down to the crunch.

Twelve days, eleven nights, a week a half a half, and suddenly, some terribly pale guy that my sister met at The Phoenix nine years ago will officially become part of my family. Now that I think about it, the wedding seems kind of superfluous, because yesterday my mother made him paint the garage door, and if that doesn't make him family, I don't know what does.

He had an eyebrow ring, can you believe it? My sister, my fantastically conservative sister is marrying a guy she met at a club and for a few months lo those many years ago, he had a ring of metal in his face. And my father, my supremely Italian* father saw it and incredibly, all parties are still alive to tell the tale.

*I think, maybe, a clarification is needed here: for those who watch The Sopranos, there's an episode where Tony speaks of his neighbours, his Italian-named neighbours whom his father would describe as 'Wonder Bread Wops' because they're not really Italian. They just have a name with a vowel stuck at the end. My father, who came to Canada in 1970, thinks that Tony Soprano is a Wonder Bread Wop.

You see how facial jewellery doesn't really fit into the equation?

It's all so strange, you know? In these blurry, racing days, with eleven million things still to do, these are the silly things that keep popping into my head and stopping me short. Best to focus on the silly, on the things that make us laugh because--

Christ. My sister is getting married, you guys. I am completely overwhelmed by this notion - no this absolute fact! - and honestly, it's starting to hurt my head a little bit. I refuse to make whingy noises about losing my sister, because obviously I know I'm not losing my sister, she's not disappearing or anything, in fact, I'll actually be gaining a brother-in-law and and and... God.

It just a bit to grapple with, you know? Could actually use a cigarette or two right now. The weather is warm, and honestly, it would be nice to grapple and exhale at the same time.

God. The skinny boy with the ring in his head painted the garage door yesterday and he's marrying my sister in 12 days.

Best, I think, to just concentrate on the shoes I'll be wearing that day. Have I told you about them yet? They're very sparkly.

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