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It's quiet here at work today. August as a whole has been quiet; there hasn't been much activity from the reps on the road, so there hasn't been much call for a flurry of response from here in the office. The phones are quiet, even, unusually, when the songs I love come on the radio.

As the holder and hoper of numbers, I'm a little worried, but Iím also aware of the fact that it's August. Nobody does a bloody thing this month, as they're all trying to cram in one more week of vacation, trying to make the weekends longer by padding them with early Fridays and absent Mondays. Hell, even I took a few days off.

And now August is drawing to a close, and I can hear the noises of the flurry that is coming. New activity and new collections coming out; new clients, more orders for old clients, work, business, busyness. But still, today is quiet.

My mind is wandering. I haven't written three entries in such a short period of time in ages. I haven't written an entry at work, as I'm doing now, in years. When I worked for the man, I had a structured lunch hour which I devoted to all things navel-gazey. Now that I work for myself, nothing is structured anymore, least of all my navel gazing. But here I am, boss lady, writing about nothing in the middle of the day. Irritating, really. If I was a smart girl, Iíd catch up on filing, or tackle some of the issues that are building up in my To Do Later in-box. Itís not that kind of day, though.

Do you ever feel like you're on the verge of something incredibly exciting? A bird pooped on me as I was standing in a crowd of hundreds on Sunday, so I bought a lottery ticket that won me five bucks. There's more to excitement than that though, right?

I just got a fax, but it turned out to be an ad. Does anyone want to go to Montreal for $10 on a bus?

I realized today that my therapy appointment is tomorrow instead of today, which is the third time in 2 weeks that I've been calendarially messed up. I'd like to think that the universe is making me re-allign myself so that I'm present for the exciting thing that's going to happen, but somehow, that makes me feel a little like I should be asking the good doctor for some of mama's little friends. Hopeful, yes, but clearly insane.

God, if the phone doesn't ring soon, I'm going to lose my mind.

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