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I'm in London! The one in England! England!

I'm learning a lot, I'm walking in the rain, I'm taking the tube to work. I'm getting a crush on one of the guys in the office. I'm getting a little Chardonnay-tipsy on the plane. With a guy from Manchester. Who made some other guy trade seats with me so that we could sit together. It was awesome! I'm discovering a hole in a favorite sweater, and thanking all that is holy that I gloriously over-pack for just these kinds of situations. I'm loving that the phone in my room, in a fashion not typical of British phones, rings at a tone that my broken ears can hear without hearing aids. I'm excited! Excited! I can get a wake-up call like a normal person, and not have to worry about having to buy a British clock radio! I'm a-flutter, because Jude is coming up from Wales to see me next week, and I'll be seeing some of my B.E.E.R-mates this weekend, and the people EnCoEng are totally awesome and sophisticated and different in their South African and Australian clever ways. I'm befuddled by the fact that there are no English people in London! None! None whatsoever! It's so wierd! And cool! Oh, so very cool!

Oh, poppets, I think I'm having a wonderful time!

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