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Idiot 2002-12-10










I'm an idiot.

The biggest mistake I ever made was to tell people I was starting an online diary. Who does that?! Why don't I just invite them to sift through my underwear drawer? "Sure! Come on over! I've got lots to hide, but you can look for it anyway!"

It's one thing to open up your life to strangers who don't know you. Honesty is not an issue, because no one can make judgements. But when you act like an eejit and invite people you actually know, well then, the purity is somewhat lost, isn't it? Isn't it?

And what is the result of learning this valuable lesson the hard way? Well, today, I felt the need to write a Tirade of Chastisement against the rather infantile behaviour of some guy I know... and then I realised that if certain others were to read it, they'd start to wonder... Who is it? What's this all about? What's the story, The Story, THE STORY? What's the juice? Where are the details? There would be discussion, and finally, because they're not stupid, they'd figure it out. Which is dumb, because it's a non-matter to begin with, and not worth mentioning. It's worth less then a funny entry in a random online diary... and now it's not even worth that.

So what did I do? I deleted the whole entry an hour after I wrote it. I ripped a page from my own diary.

So stupid. My own fault. But at least I'm learning from my mistakes.

Right. Have a good - and honest - day.

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