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Happy Valentine's Day 2003-02-14










Operation Mini-Skirt: -47.2 lbs.
Mental State: Confused. Where the hell did the extra weight come from?

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Certain Things You Should Do Today

- Look in the mirror and say "I love you."
- Wear something red or pink
- Indulge in a bit of chocolate.
- If you've got a better half, give them a kiss. Then give them another one.
- If you don't have a better half, buy yourself a Valentine. (Remember what you told yourself in the mirror!)
- Give blood.
- Donate to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
- Call up a family member to tell them how special they are.
- Do the mirror thing again.

Remember... February 14th is not just about the standard idea of 'romance'. It's about love, which is all encompassing. It comes in many forms, in all shapes and sizes and colours. Love isn't only about hearts and flowers, candy and kisses, Dean Martin ballads and Meg Ryan movies; it's also about peace - both inner and amongst others. It's about respect, towards you and amongst others. Love is about tolerance - racial, sexual, religious. Love is smiling at strangers, hugging your mother, feeding someone else's meter. Love is letting his cold feet stay on your side of the bed. Love is saying please and thank you. Love is shovelling your neighbour’s sidewalk, even if they're not old or infirm or on vacation.

Love is good. Love is grand. It's inside all of us, to give, and to receive.
Happy Valentine's Day, everybody.

Love, Mare Ingenii

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