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Behaviourism is intellectually dead, and it's grave should be danced upon as vigorously as possible.

Pierce sent me that today. My apologies to whomever said it first, as credit should be given where credit is due. But isn't it great? Go on. Discuss amongst yourselves.

* * *

I've got a meeting with my new financial advisor today. Maybe the day one finally grows up is the day that control over one's finances are taken from one's mother and put in the hands of a stranger.

Actually, I aged significantly last night. It was so stupid really, but I pale at the mere thought of it. There I was, watching American Idol (Goooo Reuuuubennn!!!!!), and the commercial for what promises to be nothing but a cheap knockoff - Canadian Idol - comes on. The dates of the Toronto auditions are announced, and all contenders ages 16 and 26 are welcome to come down and thrill the judges and/or humiliate themselves. Sixteen. And Twenty-Six. Hello. Y'know, it's not like I wanted to be the new Canadian Idol, but it's just galling to realise that I'm too old to be the new Canadian Idol. Gah. I'm too old for something. That's... just...

Hee! As I wrote that, Forever Young by Alphaville came on. Love that song. GAH! Love that old song. Ok, this is all very distressing. I'm only 28, dammit!

* * *

Right. I'm going to discuss applying for a personal line of credit, and saving for my retirement now.

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