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The president of the company brought in a tray of Christmas sweets that his girlfriend made. Let's clarify several things here:

His girlfriend? Bakes as though her recipes were created in heaven, and the ingredients were flown to her on angel wings. Ok? Are we understanding the degree of wonderfulness that is coming out of these sweets? Frankly, a girl like this, who bakes like that... man, I don't know how the Prez leaves the house in the morning! I mean, those brownies are to die for!

* * *

Somehow, through the flurry of December panic, my Christmas shopping got finished, my flight and hotel got booked, even my Christmas cards got sent out. EnCoCa is swimming along its merry way, and I'm accomplishing a goodly amount of clean-up work at Piranha Inc.

I even had time to get to almost go out on Saturday night. It was a plan that was aborted just as the last eyelash was mascara'd into place, but whatever. You get my point. I got to get cozy with The DaVinci Code, in my pyjamas and a full made-up face. It was charming. Really.

* * *

You know, I realise that anger doesn't suit me. I'm not one of those 'you're beautiful when you're angry' types, even with makeup. I may have a firm stance, with arms akimbo; my eyes may be blazing, and may hair blowing backwards in the wind (yes, even indoors) - but I've got to tell you - I'm more the snarling, feral animal type than the passionate gorgeous amazon woman type. I stomp around, and mutter under my breath, and scream for a while, and shake my fist at the room at large, and hold a grudge longer than God. There is nothing in my fury that makes a gorgeous stranger want to tame me for the challenge of it. I may act like a Shrew, but my name is not Kate. Nobody wants to soothe me - they just want me out of the room so my stomping doesn't disturb their dinner. Nobody wants to take my unbridled passion and direct it towards a possible reward of romance and possibly gettin' some. No. No no.

I don't give good angry, poppets. Pity, really. Because I like to think that if I did, it would be a helluva sight to be witnessed. I mean, I don't think Julia Sugarbaker is one of the coolest women ever for no reason at all, you know.

Right. Have a lovely day, darlings. Don't be angry. Have a brownie or six. It'll make you feel better.


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