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Birthday Eve 2003-05-31










Days to 1st annual 29th birthday: 1
Level of excitement: WHEEE! Tomorrow is my bir-rthday! Tomorrow is my bir-rthday!

So, this morning, I thought my Streak of Goodness and Luck was starting to fall apart, which terrified me to no end because, after all - and you may not know this of course - but tomorrow is my birthday. It started with a bit of the Beaten Wifey thing around my eyes because the allergy or irritant or whatever it is acting up again, probably due to the BRAND NEW eyeshadow, or the BRAND NEW eyeliner but hopefully not to the BRAND NEW mascara, because I'm really loving it. Anyway, I hydro-cortisoned the hell out of my lids, and that was that. Still a wee patchy, but not as angry looking. It would do. THEN I tried on my new denim skirt (so cute, knee length, lovely) but for the love of all that is holy, I couldn't find a top that looked right. And I couldn't wear any old top because after all, this is the day before my birthday. I don't know if I mentioned that before...

Right. I dealt with the clothing ordeal(striped, fitted T-shirt, scoop neck, very cute. Love casual Fridays), and then I get to work to discover that there are wee issues that had cropped up in the night that I had to deal with, which kind of put a sore spot on my day, as I was set to leave early and I needed time to deal with the issues. Still, your Mare persevered, and I was able to make my departure at 2, which is when Sleye and I made like Ladies Who Lunch for the afternoon. We ate, we gossiped; traded some shocking secrets, and then hit the mall like good girls. I bought a new purse! Happy Birthday To Me From Me! It's adorable; dark tan leather, with a butterfly of the same material and colour tastefully attached to it. Short strapped, so really very easy to dance with and not cumbersome at all - very important, as it's for my outfit for tomorrow night. I've got a whole tawny princess thing happening for the Birthday Extravaganza, what with the beiges and camels and browns and tans. (Hotness in the extreme. Very important. Gonna do some flirting.)

Which brings us to my plans for The Birthday. Friends and cousins will meet at my house about 8ish for munchies and drinks and coffee, and the whole cake and candles routine. (Because you're never too old to make a wish.) Then off we'll go to Bohemian, the club where we spent New Year's Eve. Oh lovely, lovely Bohemian, with the pretty boys and the flowing beverages. Oh fantastic Bohemian, where I can dance and mingle and own the spot I stand in so that the lights automatically shine down on me and the music arranges itself to the sway of my hips and the beat in my head. You don't believe me? Oh, anything can happen if you blow out all your candles at once on your birthday. Just a little bit of magic...

So. Now. Here's the question. If we're all caught up on our reading material boys and girls, you'll remember that this was supposed to have been my month d'amour. And tomorrow is the last day of the month. And tomorrow is my birthday. So, wouldn't it be nice if we capped off the event and the night and the month with a little somethin' somethin'? A little moment of sweetness and romance and... something? Or, if not that (in fact, probably not that, because I'm just NOT that kind of girl. This week.)... if not that, than at least a hint o'that? An essence o'that? Something conducive to a future hint o'essence o'that? Huh?

Or, you know, if I could just have a good time. That would be nice, too.

I just want to dance. Care to join me? I wish you would...

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