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Who turned off the lights? 2003-08-15










The Great Blackout of '03 means that I've only got a few minutes to post this, because they've scheduled rotating blackouts for a while, and ours could go next.

My office building was shut down, so I've spent the day in my backyard, either in the pool or languishing in the sun.

It was a quarter after four yesterday when it all went down. By five, we were out of the office, but I didn't get home until close to six, because the roads were gridlocked. Pedestrians were directing traffic, and drivers were learning how to become philosophical about the world in general.

The plaza near my house, which is home to the 24-hour Dominion, a giant grocery chain, is completely shut down. I wandered idly through the parking lot, thinking that I'd have to scavenge for food.

I'm feeling out of sorts. I've never experienced anything like this, you see. I don't like having no phones, and I don't like the idea that while it's all back now, it'll go down again later. My mother keeps talking about the blackout of '65, and how, nine months later, loads of babies were being born.

I don't know if I'll even have a decent tan to show for this blackout. Truth be told, the most worrisome part of this whole thing is that I've spent most of this unexpected day off thinking that I really need to be in the office, as I have a ton of work to do.

Worrisome, indeed.

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