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It's Friday. FRIDAY! The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and I don't have to go to work tomorrow. Nice, huh? It's weird, actually, because this is the first full week I've served in a while, what with Montreal, and long weekends and being sick and black outs... it was actually kind of a relief to have five full days to get my work done. Not that I did, of course. I've not felt a sense of completion in the office in a long time, and frankly, it's starting to wear me down. I'm always lagging behind, running to catch up, wasting time having to fix silly mistakes of my own making. I've too much on my plate, and the quality of my work is becoming shoddy. I'm not happy with the status of my desk, poppets. Not happy at all.

Enough whinging. It may be Friday, but I'm not going home until I finish what I have to do. Dammit.

* * *

I was thinking about something last night. The next time I have to fill in any kind of medical form, what am I going to write in the box marked allergies? Should I put down 'Purse', do you think, or maybe a nice general 'accessories'?

* * *

JournalCon! Me! Share my joy! Whee!

* * *

It's Friday, I'm planning to stay late, and I'm deriving my joy from a trip that's happening a month and a half from now. There's nothing wrong with any of that is there? I mean, that's all perfectly normal, and not at all indicative of needing to get out more, is it?

Happy weekend, poppets. Get out a little. Get some sun. Have a gin and tonic. Seek a sense of completion. It's good for you.

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