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You know, I could tell you about the chicken souvlaki that I indulged in at lunch, but you know, after describing something all Greek and tasty like that, there'd just be nothing left to say.

* * *

So, lot's of people want to play moviegrrl's question game! This makes me jump up and down excitedly and clap my hands, rather like a circus-trained sea otter or some such creature. In heat. Like a sea otter in heat, people. That's what I'm like right now. This is how happy you make me. And in that regards, go check out the answers to the questions I posed to misstress. And then, while you're there, poke around a little, because it's a hell of ride. Trust me.

* * *

I have nothing to share. I could tell you about the Worst Date Ever, which occurred last night, and involved your Mare and someone who does not even merit a clever pseudonym in my written world. I could. I could tell you about it. But I won't. Because people, you would fall a-sleep. Like, seriously. It was like a job interview, but the kind where you're thinking the whole time, "Please God. Don't let me get this job." Ok? Ok? He was a nice enough guy, I suppose, but together, we were the two most boring and personality-less people on Earth. Right. Enough about that.

* * *

So, I totally can't wait to receive my prize from the Ebay bidding war I got myself into last week. You may think that a VHS copy of Jeffrey isnít anything to crow about, but darlings, I've been looking high and low for it for weeks now. Weeks! I blame Pierce, actually. He made some reference to it, and I remembered that I really enjoyed it, so that gave me a craving to see it again. And then I figured, I may as well buy it, in order to round out my Major Studios Do "Daring" Flicks By Including Somewhat Gay Characters movie collection. And of course, it only just came out on DVD, and your Mare, being the old fashioned dork that she is, has yet to enter the DVD generation. So, VHS it is. Except, MGM? That big ol' studio that made the picture? Yeah, they had this bright idea to destroy all of their excess VHS flicks. The result? Ebay bidding war. And I won! Ha! Ha HA ! So, yeah. Jeffrey. Makes me happy. There will be multiple viewings, and lots of wine. (This is the part where the little man inside my head who conducts my internal orchestra weeps over the fact that he's living inside a Sad and Lonely Fruit Fly, and strikes up a horrible and funereal version of All By Myself. Which, by the way, is available on the Mare-Ingenii sound track album in its original version and a bonus extended mix.)

* * *

It's time for me to stop now. I suddenly feel the need for some chocolate.

Kisses, all.

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