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Canoodle! 2004-01-05










Several things...

Mr. Anonymous CyberCoward... I kind of miss your presence. Oh, I know you'll never reveal your true self to me... but it's been a while. And it's January. You know I always need a pick-me-up in January...

Do you ever notice that if you experience a wee bit of tenderness, for a few days afterwards, every scene in every movie you watch is full of kissy joy and romantic bliss? Every couple in your vicinity, no matter where you are wants to nuzzle and canoodle right in front of you? I'm speaking to you Singletons out there, of course. You know what I'm talking about. (Look at me! All mature and sensible in understanding that I'm not the last single person on Earth! Yay! Power to the Singletons, because I'm not the only one!)

My point? It's 200four already, Mr. Prince Charming! Ok? Ok? You fooled me several times over the course of 2003, sending your cute little decoys around, so that I develop little crushes for an hour and a half here and there. But come now! Don't make me stamp my foot! I don't mean to be impatient or anything, but hello! I'm going to be 29 for the second time this year! There's only so many times I can turn 29, you know!

And believe you me, Mr. Prince Charming, I know very well that you are not the answer to all my problems, but criminy, you'd add a little flavour to my day! Everyone needs a little flavour! Plus, I'd be good for you, too! The benefits of keeping me around are endless! Endless, I say! I make an excellent dance partner. And I'm quite charming, when presented to parents and bosses and clients who must be impressed. I know my way around the kitchen, and I wear pearls like nobody's business! Also, I canoodle quite well!

So. Here's to 2004, my beauties. Let it be a year of discovery and joy! And canoodling! Because that's my new favourite word!

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