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I had an awesome day. Awesome.

Remember the Art Deco exhibit I wanted to go see at the ROM? Yeah, totally did it! Teacher and I went today, taking advantage of the unusually mild December weather to go downtown and be all cultural and well-rounded and such.

We ended up spending a lot of time standing in various long and snaking lines. First, it was just to get into the Museum; then it was the queue for the timed entrance to show itself; then the slow and crowded procession past each piece in the exhibit. Evidently, everyone in the city also wants to be all cultural and well-rounded and smarty-pantsy. The majority of the crowd was comprised of young parents trying to instill a bit of the world into their children, and students bent on looking intently socially aware and deep in their black turtlenecks and their hats made of hemp and their dried tofu snacks and their Italian leather boots. (Oh, shush. I'm not passing judgment - in fact, the only thing I'd lose is the hat. And the tofu. Tofu is gross.) Oh, and there were Couples. Not-married-yet-still-quite-smug Couples. Beginning-of-relationship Couples. Looking-shyly-at-each-other-and-no-one-else Couples. But I'm not bitter. Moving on.

So, there we were, outside the Museum, thanking all that is holy that the weather is bloody balmy right now, and someone stops to ask the guy in front of us if this is the line for general admission or for the Art Deco exhibit specifically. He replied, "It's the line for the exhibit, but I don't know how you'd circumvent it if you just want to see the ROM's regular offerings..." And I looked at my sister, and said in Italian with a grin, "Y'know, we're not in any way stupid, but it's nice to be in a crowd of strangers who will use the word circumvent in a simple sentence. Makes me feel just a touch smarter."

Oh, I know that that's a rather silly way to look at things, and not at all indicative of one's self or the people surrounding one... but this guy was hot, ok? I mean, he was Hot and had a Good Vocabulary and he was interested in Stuff At A Museum and (though sadly proven by the presence of what was obviously his girlfriend/wife/whatever, he was Even Straight!

Where was I going with this? Right. I'm a little silly, and not all smart, hot men are gay.

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