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kelly - 2006-11-10 01:49:19
mare rules. i wish she'd help me with my much-needed wardrobe overhaul.
LA - 2006-11-10 07:59:56
You are so adorable! And the plum accessories sound marvy. ~LA
dataslave - 2006-11-10 11:00:10
I went to a school reunion(never you mind which one)a while back. I was the second best-dressed man there. Number one was my lifetime best friend, who came out of the closet the year before- I can't compete with that, and I threatened to dump red wine on him for it. I may have been in the same position that you described personally, but I looked good and felt good about it. Nothing like secret smugness to brighten up a day!
Stewart - 2006-11-10 13:47:16
Stupenda!! That's my gal!! Mille baci sorella mia. xx
lisa-marie - 2006-11-10 20:33:35
You rock, Mare! You totally rock!
Alex - 2006-11-14 21:16:57
Dang skimpy straight!!! :)
Cruel Irony - 2006-11-16 17:49:48
You are so awesome, Mare! You're right too. I sometimes find myself contemplating such things and then realize how happy I am with my life just as it is.


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