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Weetabix - 2007-01-28 22:48:02
I love how you're being all modest and stuff... babycakes, you have a great voice. It's about time the world got to hear it. Oh, how I enjoyed our interpretive dance karaoke revolution!
Bozoette Mary - 2007-01-29 07:51:14
If I can do it and not melt, you can too!
Susan - 2007-01-29 08:47:20
I love singing, somewhere in all of us in a song! Glad you let yourself sing.
dataslave - 2007-01-31 01:18:51
I have found that those who doth protest much about their voice, doth have the least reason to do so. Weetabix confirms this axiom holds true.
Mare - 2007-01-31 08:50:17
Y'all are so positive and kind. Let the record show that the best compliment I got the night I sang was, "Well, nobody burned the place down."


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