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Sage - 2008-04-09 20:40:49
You are, as always, an inspiration. You know, I miss you so much sometimes I cry in little maple shaped tears... Ok, not really, but I'm sure you know what I mean. I've been thinking about you quite a bit recently with the upcoming trip. At some point we should meet across the pond instead of in the cornfields. Love ya!
Alex - 2008-04-11 17:06:43
Good for you!!
lisa-marie - 2008-04-13 13:38:50
Awesome entry! It's beautifully written and I can really tell you're feeling happier! Keep it up, Mare!! Love ya!
Pischina - 2008-04-14 13:32:59
You made me laugh because I always avoid the Oprah books too, even though they always end up being really good and I totally wish I could be her. And reading you always makes me feel a little bit more like I'm "OK" because I also still have those "grief patches" as you call them - but it makes me really happy to see you recovering, and of course I recover a little every day too. I suppose we'll never be 100% again, and I guess that's life, but part of life is also finding those things again that make us happy. I've wanted to get Eat Pray Love, so I guess I'll order it right now. Love you, Pischina


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