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Warm and Tingly 2003-05-27










Days to 1st Annual 29th birthday: 4
Mental State: Smashing.

I don't know who you are, Mr. Anonymous Cyber Coward, but you totally made my day. That was incredibly lovely.

* * *

I live for stuff like that. God! Compliments like that, moments that make you tingle, days that are made of magic. This week may be a magical week, and I'm so glad I'm understanding it while it's happening. It's nice sometimes, not to have to appreciate something in retrospect.

I'll tell you something; you all know I took ballroom and Latin dance for a couple of years, but I haven't done it since early 2001, because of the horrible Broken Leg Ordeal that happened. Anyway, way back before that happened, I was sitting in a pub with some friends from work one night, listening to another friend's band, Unison. The pub had a tiny postage stamp dance floor that infrequently inspired a couple or two to boogie down. That night, while Unison was getting down and dirty with some jive from the early '60's, an older, greying-in-an-established-and-handsome-Cary-Grant-like type of gentleman took his wife up to the floor. She was more of a swayer, but I saw that he was trying to lead her in actual, Arthur Murray-sanctioned swing steps that I recognised. Next chance I got, I moseyed up to the gentleman and mentioned the swingin'. When I let him know that (a) I know how do it and (b) Iím starved for attention, his face lit up with joy.

In the next set, Unison broke into Great Balls of Fire, and Mr. Swing came and, in a manner most courtly, asked if he could have this dance. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a tiny Irish pub. Dancing does not happen often, so when it does, it should be good, because every single person under that roof will be looking at you. And damn if we didn't Rock That Joint! He led; I followed. He spun me out; I rolled right in on cue. Intricate footwork, faster than the eye could see and we shone like every bloody star in the sky! It was... exhilarating!

I lived with that moment for days after. I admit, I didn't just take dance for exercise or for self-actualisation. I took it because at one point or another, I knew that a moment like that was going to happen, and I wanted to be ready for it. I took dance so that circles will spontaneously form around me in on dance floors. I took dance to show off!

It was wonderful and tingly, those first few minutes after I got back to the table, and my friends stared at me, all agog. They knew I took dance; they didn't know I could dance.

And that's how I feel right now. Warm and tingly. New clothes and good weather and work issues that are actually resolving themselves. A birthday four days away and compliments aplenty. Hope and well wishes from people I know and people I don't know.

Yeah. Warm and tingly, like I just walked off a dance floor and everyone is still looking at me with awe in their eyes.

You just can't beat that. May you feel it, as well, poppets. May you feel it as well.

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