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Change is Good. Right? 2003-06-03










Oh. MyGod. Oh my God!

My firm's prez just gave a national address, with us in the boardroom with him, and the rest of the offices on conference call. Changes are afoot, and I'm feeling a little funny about it all.

You all know about the "restructuring" that's happened of late, right? Several Piranhas got the axe, as well as Pierce, who was in I.T., and my boss, who was a VP. Well, today we found out that yet another VP is being let go, and not only that, we're moving! We're moving from our grand, beautiful office in the West Tower of the building we're in, to half the space in the East Tower. Granted, we're lucky, as we're only moving to the other side. We'll even be on the same floor. But we're going from 13000 square feet to 7000. We're going from a huge, adorable kitchen to what will probably amount to a hole in the wall. We're going from private bathrooms, to a restroom shared by the other company on the floor. What's worst, is that we're going from decent spaciousness to living in each other's pockets. And it's all being done within the month.

It's all rather disturbing, this haste. You know, I can handle change. I can. But only after it happens. The next month leading up to the move is going to cause seven kinds of turmoil to happen in my head.


* * *

In other news, Sleye told me she got back the pictures from Saturday. Very excited. Slightly afraid. Apparently, there is photographic evidence of groping. I'm not sure who's groping what, but it'll be interesting to find out.

* * *

In still other news, I've made a final decision that going back to ballroom dance - for 10 weeks, anyway - will definitely happen. I was a much better person when I was dancing; much more relaxed, much more light-hearted. Plus, the exercise can only do good things for me, and God knows, 45 minutes of swing class will get you good and sweaty. Of course, being the ladylike Miss Ingenii that I am, I don't sweat. I merely glooow.

That's all for today, lovelies. The weather is heavy and humid, with rain in the air, causing a small ache behind my eyes. However, I'm wearing new sandals, and my pedicure looks fantastic. Pretty feet, people! Who knew I had 'em?

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