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My brother doesn't often show interest in pop culture, because most of the time, he just doesn't get it. His deafness prohibited a normal social development, and so now, at 22-going-on-23 in a little over a week, he often acts like a 15-year old. Or even a 12-year old. And sometimes, in strange and disconcerting moments, he acts his own age.

It's like different parts of his personality were born at different times. His sense of humour was one of the last ones in, and at only a few years old, it tends toward the basic and obvious. Prat falls and pies-in-the-face make him slap his leg and let loose a mighty guffaw. Subtle nuances of humour; puns and clever witticisms... they're all lost on him. But, like the rest of him, the sense of what is funny isn't dead - it's just behind, running to catch up. His brain is totally there. All the parts have reported for duty, but they all kinda straggled in a bit at a time, waiting to down the last of their coffee, finishing up conversations with each other before finally getting down to the business at hand.

Last Christmas, he learned the Jingle Bells Batman Smells song... and got it. Remember when you were eight or nine, and you sang that song all day long, because it was clever? Yeah, now imagine watching a hulking 6'3 22-year old giggling over it, because the lightbulb in his brain finally went on?

This past television season, he grasped onto another current trend more in line with his peers, which is nice, because it gives him something to talk about with the adults around him. All hail Christy, the deaf Survivor girl! The plotting and ploying? The shifting of alliances? The roles that each player has unwittingly formed within the tribe? He doesn't care! Most of it is beyond him right now, anyway. No, it's all about Christy, and God help the other tribe member who tries to vote her off!

Didja all see last night? Christy spent over 300 bucks to buy her letter from home, and then Slut-Jenna opened up the flood gates and Jeff asked if it'd be all right to put another letter up for bid. Even though everyone knew Slut-Jenna only had about 80 dollars left after making that totally senseless $400 purchase of some chocolate and peanut butter, Christy was nice enough to let it happen. Christy got screwed, people! If my brother had realised this as it was happening, our brand new high-definition TV would have been thrown out the window!

My point? My damn brother got me sucked into Survivor! Damn it all! I hate reality TV!

Love to you all, poppets. Have a fantabulous weekend.

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