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No Denim Pain Here! 2003-11-14










Y'all... (hee! I said y'all!)

So. Ahem. Y'all... I'm wearing jeans today that are making me pro-oud! Proud, I say!

Remember last year? With the Operation Mini-Skirt (that's more or less revived but as yet nameless) that got me into clothes several sizes smaller than I was used to? Right, well, when I was in the middle of losing weight, and buying clothes wasn't an option because I was losing fast enough that any investment was really a waste of money and holy run on sentence poppet, how do I stop this train?

Let's start again, shall we?

Right, so my cousin had to lend me a pair of jeans last year. And I wore them when I was smaller than I started the Hell Diet, but not quite as small as I was, say, a month ago. Do you get what I'm saying here, my beauties? I packed it on is what I'm saying. Ok? And last month? The buttoning of the jeans? Was not an option. I mean, it wasn't even a realistic fantasy! But... but... butt... yes, that came back, too, poppets. That came back too. However... I've been watching the amount of caloric intake I've got going on these days and lo! Behold! Today, I put on the jeans, and not only did they button up, but they zippered up too! And the zipper stayed closed! And check it out! While bending over wasn't quite the most comfortable experience in the world, it no longer caused any internal bleeding! Yay! No internal bleeding! (Because, seriously? Denim related injuries are just so awkward to explain to a doctor.)

So! I wore them all day! All day long, and I didn't have the urge to unzip my pants even once! Mind you, I didn't breath too deeply but hey! All in good time, poppets. All in good time.

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