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I'm really not behaving like myself, am I? Like clockwork, my entry used to be up every day by one, one thirty in the afternoon. And now? I'm off a few days on vacation, so there goes that. Then the entries that do go up are piddly and pathetic and altogether far too brief. Then I'm off a few days because I'm sick and near death, so there's my excuse right there. Finally, I come up with something worthwhile, and a decent sized entry gets posted. And then what happens? I miss a day!

You'd think I was losing my love for you all, wouldn't you? Really, that's not the case. It's really nothing more interesting than the fact that I'm trying to catch up on my life. Work is... insane. Really, there's no other word for it. It's insane. Going on holiday and taking a sick day in the same period is just not advisable if you want to stay ahead of yourself.

This week has been especially horrible, as Monday was a statutory holiday, Tuesday was my sick-and-dying day and yesterday was the company's summer event day, so we all spent the day on the golf course.

Golf. Me. Mare-Ingenii. Can you believe it?! Not only did I play golf for the first time, I played with the Piranhas! I KNOW!

Oh my God, there is just so much to say! I don't know whether to tell you about the path I took from grumbling about the whole notion of golf to actually liking it enough to jump around and squeal with joy. Hell, I'm even thinking about changing my name to Marge or Snuffy, and buying a whole bunch of walking shorts in pastel colours. Oh, and then I've got to tell you about the drama on the back nine (Hee! Golf terms!) when one of the Piranhas got thrown from her cart and landed on her head and I had to stay in the praying-to-Allah position, with my forearms on either side of face for fifteen minutes, immobilising her head while waiting for the ambulance to come!

And I still haven't told you a thing about B.E.E.R., have I?

God, I'm a sinner.

Right, you know what? I can't do anything right now. There are documents on my desk, and they are mutating into monsters of giant proportions right in front of my eyes. It's all very distressing, poppets, that I've got all this juice stored up, and I've yet to spill. Very distressing indeed.

I must run. Next time, I promise. No, really, I do!

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